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National Awards Day – November 2018

See the videos from our performance, stay tuned as we release the other videos every week! Here they are: Mercury Blues


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ITS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The primary event has now come to an end, now all there is to do is for the audience to go and enjoy the refreshments so

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Goodbye year 6’s

The year 6’s have just finished singing their primary leaving song………..emotional to say the leas

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Regional Sports Day

On Monday 16th July, 53 of Dunstable campuses finest athletes attended the east regional sports day to compete against t

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The primary cat walk has ended

What a spectacular sight with amazing flowing garments and robes to insane head pieces. This performance really is a bre

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The primary performance is happening as you read this

The audience is loving this vibrant performance, judging by the chuckles. And the effort the children are putting into i

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The Primary end of term performance has arrived

The primary end of term performance is today, come and enjoy at 10:10am. We look forward to presenting you with music it


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2017 End Of Year Performance

Choirs Junior Choir – Caravan of love   Junior Choir – Strong   Primary Choir – Bad guys &nb


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Spring Concert individual videos are here!…

Primary Choir (Dunstable & Northampton)   Secondary choirs   Singing Group   Bands     &nbs


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Introduction to Keech Hospice

Endeavoring to find a charity that the school could form a long-term relationship with, the Charity team at Dunstable Ca