28 Apr

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As we are doing SUVAT equations in Physics, we went to the Eddlesborough Archery Club (of which Mrs Crichton is a member of) to do a practical demonstration. We wanted to find out how far an arrow dropped from when it left the bow to when it hit the target.

We did a few competitions by firing arrows to a target to see who got closest to 21 points –congratulations to Victoria Stedman for winning.

Then we went into a classroom to do some measurements.

  • Poundage of the bows we pulled
  • The distance between us and the target (10 yards)
  • Length of the arrow

Then using f=ma, we worked out the acceleration. Thereby we could work out the velocity the arrow had when it left the bow. Using another SUBAT equation, we worked out the time I took for the arrow to get from the bow to the target –0.2 of a second. Thereby, using a 3rd equation we could work out the distance dropped.

“A very good afternoon was had by all!!!”