05 May

  • By Website Administrator

On Thursday March 24th I was privileged to see the hard work which had been put in by pupils and staff to take part in the cake competition.

All the entries were extremely impressive with great attention to detail, showing how much time and care had gone into their creation.

No two entries were alike and the winning cakes from each category would not have looked out of place in the window of a professional cake shop.

It was lovely to see that some of the entrants had included the colours and names of the Houses.

After the judging had taken place, the auction of the winning cakes and the sale of the remaining cakes generated a substantial amount of money towards the cost and installation of a sound system for the gym.

Unfortunately I was unable to purchase any of the cakes as I was going away the following day and would not have been able to eat it! Maybe I will have better luck next year.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone else who entered the competition. Your work was truly amazing and I look forward to seeing the entries next year.


Mrs Brenda McNally