20 Apr

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On Tuesday 22nd March sixteen nervous year 13 students attended the Careers event at the Incuba Business Centre in Dunstable.

The program was a buffet lunch followed by speeches from each student and then opportunity to speak with business owners in view of reaching the goal of 100% employment before the students completed their year 13.

Attendees (principally Business Owners, Mentors, Year 12 students and the ACT team) were bowled over by the quality and insight of the student speeches which were as follows:-

Determination (Corron Devenish)

The Four Disciplines of Execution (Kezia Remmington)

Innovation (Piers Jackson)

Self-Directed Learning (Beatrix Wiltshire)

Attitude (Alison Reed)

Social Media (Jade Clarke)

Business Disruption (Tom Stedman)

A Fighting Spirit (Ellice Allen)

Culture (Carson Remmington)

Training the Mind (Nathan Martin)

Customer Service (Danielle Boyt)

Problems to Opportunities (Joshua Wells)

e-commerce (Ketsia Chattell)

Initiative (Rodney Tunley)

Being a Finisher (Victoria Stedman)

Leadership (Emily Reed)

Great content and variety by all concerned, of particular note was a picture of a Lotus Elise to assist us in remembering Ellice Allen’s name and Josh’s story of the two shoe salesmen who went out to Africa to find out the opportunities there.  The first returned saying, “there is no opportunity in Africa as no one wears shoes”.  The second one said, “There is vast potential in Africa as no one wears shoes”!!

Most of the students have now accepted job offers and the day was deemed by all as a great success!

Finally, a warning to employers at future events, the comment of one student, “I saw one employer asleep during my speech and he wants me to work for him…”!!