26 Feb

  • By gm

On the 15th February 2019 Dunstable Campus held a cake sale in aid of our ongoing charity Keech Hospice.  In total there were 62 entries into the competition which raised a total of £1416 for Keech.

Throughout the day the cakes were judged in 3 categories: celebration, novelty and Cupcakes, with the top 3 from each category being auctioned off during the afternoon.

Below are the winners followed by a photo of each cake entry – please enjoy!


1st Place – Joni Phillips

2nd Place – Juanita Doouss & Sophia Robins

3rd Place – Siana Cane & Louisa Harvey


1st Place – Lorelle Green

2nd Place – Luke Wells

3rd Place – Laverne Eames


1st Place – Sharlene Hayman

2nd Place – Dion Moffitt

3rd Place – Cherrie Smith & Fay Tuffin

Below are the rest of the cakes that were entered: