12 May

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On the 27th April 2016 Dunstable campus year 8 got together to play two football matches, raising money for ‘ABF the soldiers’ charity’.

The first football match was the boys match – all blacks united vs white stars. We played for 80 minutes with a 10 minute half-time. The end score was 6-4 to the white stars but even with that score the teams were very well matched with all blacks united actually scoring the first goal.

Then the girls match – greens vs pinks. They played for 30 minutes with a ten minute half-time. The end score was 6-1 to the pinks, these teams were quite unfair but they all said they enjoyed it so that’s all that matters.

The reason behind this all was, of course, to raise money for ABF the soldiers’ charity. We started off with a target of £1000 and we all did our best to strive to the target, but on the morning of the match we still only had £600. Then suddenly and miraculously someone donated a whole £500, anonymously too. So this one very, very generous donator saved the day and we could play our matches with the satisfied feeling that we had met our target. And now we have raised £1,225 and still are having frequent donations all adding to the amount so please visit https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/year8charityfootballmatch today either to donate or just to check out how much money we have got now.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our football match and equally enjoyed raising so much money beforehand. I am sure it will all go to a great cause.

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