04 Apr

  • By Website Administrator

Ben Sharp from Neuroblastoma UK sent us the following message of thanks: “Huge thanks to everyone at school for raising so much money for Neuroblastoma UK during your sponsored cross-country run. So far you’ve gone beyond your fundraising target and raised over £5000. This is the biggest donation to our charity so far this year. As the charity is run by volunteers, and we have no offices to pay for, around 95% of the money you raised will go straight into a research project within the UK. These projects usually last 2-3 years, and since the charity was formed over 30 years ago, our research projects have improved the treatment for children with neuroblastoma, and improved the survival rate. Your donation means that we can continue to put money into world-class research projects, and continue to save the lives of children with neuroblastoma. From all those children, and from our charity, thank you.”