05 Oct

  • By candr

On 21 September 2017, entrepreneurs from 25 campuses met at Exchange Place for a ‘YEP Day’ (Young Enterprise Presentation Day). The 25 campuses were divided into three regions where they had 1 ½ hours to design their app showcasing it in a three minute presentation to the rest of the region. One winner was picked out of each region. Dunstable Campus was that winner for our region! After being told that we had got through to the finals, we had five minutes to prepare our presentation to go on stage in front of everybody, with Bramley Campus and Wilton Campus, who were winners of their region. The judges were from New Zealand, Australia and North America.

Seven very motivated and resolute entrepreneurs from Dunstable Campus entered the stage presenting their RAPP app (Revise, Achieve, Personal, Progress) – a revision app. The results were: first place to Bramley Campus who designed an app to guide people through international airports, WE WON SECOND PLACE, and third place went to Wilton Campus with a hair designing app. First place got half a day at Land Rover Experience, second place got £30 per student and third place got £15 per student – WOW!!

Many thanks to Marcus Magee and Mrs McNally who supported us throughout the day, also to the cooks for providing fantastic food! A very memorable day!


Our Team – Amos Calder, Ashton Calder, Brandon Cane, Esther Jay, Isla Hemmings, Keira Fowles, Marlon Douglass